Best Running Shoes for Men Online

Best Running Shoes for Men Online

In this blog we will discuss best running shoes for men online which were tested on feet of more than 350 runners. Runners were included from extremely diverse group of people. Runners in the test were included of each age, size, shapes, and abilities and from different profession like nurses, grandfather and English teachers. Apart from above, one thing common between them was they were passionate about running at least 25 miles per week.

After testing hundreds of pairs of shoes and evaluating data, we have selected some of the shoes that have received high marks and appreciation from the male tester. There are chances that some of the shoes that we have selected you agreed with our opinion however chances are you may scroll deeper for more variety.

We have selected best running shoes for men online based on stability, cushioning and durability.


Stability of shoes means it support good running ability of shoes. When you wear the shoes you feel comfortable and your feet don’t twist because of extra material in the midsole. Stability in shoes help to counter the movement. If you are over pronate, your feet roll more inward therefore you need extra stability in shoes.


Runner have different opinion about the cushioning. Those who focused on running prefer shoes that give them good feel from the ground and light in weight. Adding extra cushioning in shoes reduced aches in feet.

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Nike move from older version cushlon foam and came with new responsive react with two more millimeters underfoot. New Nike shoes are more flexible and medium soft. They have doubled the size of the forefoot air unit, outsole got a facelift with additional flex grooves and a more rectangular tread pattern. Because of additional padding shoes feel much comfortable.

2. Saucony Kinvara 12

Kinvara shoes are light weight and speedy, flexible, best for the runner who wants to run for long, fast and slow one day. Shoes are durable stands with hundreds of miles. Kinvara shoes hold your foot in place versatile cushion handle your feet in shoes during training at ease.

3. New Balance Fresh Foam X Beacon v3

Beacon shoes are very comfortable, with enough cushioning best for double digit running. Many buyers give them best prize based on their experience.

These are some from the best running shoes for men online. You can buy top men's running shoes online from Blusters too.

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